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Strengthening Sustainability by Plugging into the Efficiencies of the AWS Cloud

From oil refineries and power stations to mines and manufacturers, Schneider Electric’s industrial automation and software services enable businesses to modernize their operations, powering potential for greater sustainability and efficiency.

The company has a legacy of innovation and a demonstrated commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, which helped drive its decision to become cloud native.

Schneider Electric selected Wiproan AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Managed Cloud Services Provider (MSP) with the AWS Energy Competency—when it came time to modernize its internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape.

Wipro moved Schneider Electric’s crucial on-premises SAP system—assisting 5,000 users with finance, procurement, order management, and project management—onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), completely re-architecting the system for the cloud, changing the operating system, upgrading databases, and migrating terabytes of data to AWS.

The partner and customer both sought a goal larger than reducing the physical data center footprint: they aimed to improve digital supply chain operations and enhance the performance of Schneider Electric’s industrial automation business.

Now, with two regional migration projects complete and a third underway, Wipro is helping Schneider Electric continue to evolve its order management and processes—and light the way for future cloud transformations at its business units around the world.


Project Highlights

An energy technology company born in the Industrial Revolution enters the next chapter of modernization.

  • Deliver results: Schneider Electric saw 40% improvement in supply chain and finance system performance and operational costs reduced by 10% by making systems available only when needed.
  • Broad responsibility: Leveraging the AWS Cloud and reducing its footprint at physical data centers, Schneider Electric can lead by example as it reaches its broader strategic goals around sustainability.
  • Earn trust: Despite the complexity of the project, Schneider Electric reported no critical issues or defects after the transformation—a testimony to Wipro’s detailed planning and execution.


AWS for Manufacturing in Action

Each stage of the factory line presents an opportunity for optimization when you work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Partners. Consider the common workloads and use cases manufacturing customers address:

  • Engineering and design: Innovate faster, reduce costs, and improve collaboration with the most comprehensive and secure set of high-performance computing, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data lake, analytics, and machine learning solutions.
  • Smart manufacturing: Extract data from existing machinery to improve quality, speed decision-making, optimize machine productivity, and reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Supply chain: Improve supply chain resiliency with better visibility, forecasting, and inventory optimization.
  • Sustainability: Reduce your costs, waste, and your carbon footprint. Fun fact: The results of a study by 451 Research show that AWS infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median of U.S. enterprise data centers surveyed.
  • Smart products and services: Enhance customer experiences, improve the quality of your offerings, and add new revenue streams that move beyond a one-time sales model.

AWS: Made for Industry 4.0

Manufacturing technology will continue to grow up and away from its handmade roots. But by deploying innovative Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and edge solutions, the customer experience becomes ever closer and easier to understand—and tangibly improve.

AWS has the tools to help any organization take part in this exciting evolution. Whether you already have an internal team of developers in need of more modern building blocks, or you want to deploy a ready-made service or work alongside experts to customize your own, you’ll have everything you need working with AWS and Global System Integrators (GSIs), which are AWS Partners that have the vision and aptitude to turn complex challenges into new business possibilities.

AWS has unmatched experience with manufacturing solutions—after all, it was born from complex automation and factory operations developed for Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Offering the most comprehensive set of cloud services and solutions and the highest standards for privacy and data security, AWS lets you stop wondering if your computing infrastructure can keep up and focus on how far forward you can take your business.


Wipro – AWS Partner Spotlight

Wipro is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and MSP that harnesses the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies to help clients adapt to the digital world.

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