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AI: Powering the Future of Retail

A research report comparing provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiator.

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In the AI: Powering the Future eBook, learn how AI is accelerating the growth of the best performing retailers in the UK and how they are adapting to change and embracing the new technologies available to them.

Future-facing retailers are putting data and their customers at the center of their businesses, driving profitability and optimizing processes to ensure they remain relevant in a changing and challenging market.

Those retailers investing in new technologies are reaping the rewards – and it's artificial intelligence (AI) that is powering their success. AI leverages your number one asset – your data – in order to improve customer engagement and acquisition, optimize supply and demand and support a more efficient fulfillment process.

This technology has the potential to dramatically improve the performance of your retail business. Because of this, AWS Partner Peak has created this industry report to outline the current state of the nation’s retail sector, and explore some of the different ways AI is playing a transformative role across the industry.

In this eBook we cover:

  • State of the Nation - Retail's AI opportunity
  • Making AI accessible
  • The optimal technology for AI


What can AI do for your business? Download now.